Squirrel Sunday in May

The month of May can show off Northern California at its very best. Today has been just such a Sunday, starting with the sunshine pouring in the balcony sliding door as the day began with a steaming cup of freshly brewed coffee. The sky is clear and blue. The cool morning is crisp and clear. In another month mornings will be perfect for taking the Sunday papers outside to read in the sun.

I took a drive to CostCo to stock up on a few staple items. Weekdays, there is a CostCo five minutes from the office, but the Sunday drive to San Ramon takes us through the back roads of Crow Canyon Road. A sweeping vista of green, rolling hills rewards the eye, and I, a fast driver, am today in no hurry to get past these incredible stretches of pastureland and open spaces. A young squirrel runs across the road. I tell him to hurry to safety. That’s another squirrel spotted today.

I’d already seen over half a dozen squirrels playing in the big tree in the back of the apartment. There’s no telling how many actual squirrel sightings there were; you can’t keep counting the same squirrel over and over again. They run effortlessly up and down the tree. The same squirrel that you saw at mid-tree one second, can be at the very top a few seconds later. They are fun to watch. As loyal Summitlake.com readers know, each squirrel sighting sets off the Squirrel Detector: “Beep-Beep”. We’re up to eleven sightings, a record for the year, and possibly for all time.

Yep, the squirrels love this weather too.

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