Corn on the Cob the Easy Way!

IT WORKS! I think it’s better than boiled or steamed, too. I hadn’t eaten corn on the cob for many years because it’s such a pain for one person, one ear of corn. I have two more corn ears and plan to buy more as long as it’s in season.

See: SFGlobe’s short 22-second video on Facebook.


If you can’t reach the link, or just want the bottom line:

  • Don’t husk the cob(s). They cook in the husk which preserves their moisture,
  • i.e. leave the cobs intact inside their husks.
  • Don’t wrap them in anything or put them in a microwave bag.
  • microwave for 4-4/1/2 minutes.
  • remove from microwave with a hot pad.
  • CUT the stalk and about 1″ of husk off with a sharp knife.
  • squeeze the pointy end and the cob will slide out of the husk.
  • this method removes the silk too.
  • ready to eat. Butter and serve. HOT!

I couldn’t get the cob to slide out as quickly as the lady in the video on my first try, but slide it did. I think the trick is to squeeze the husk right up at the tip and work your way down – with a hot pad, of course. Practice makes perfect. Delicious!


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Improving Toaster Waffles

I’ve been buying toaster waffles for years. They’re quick and convenient. But by the time we butter and pour syrup on them, they aren’t very hot, and they don’t have a lot of flavor beyond the syrup.

I’d never make waffles from scratch just for myself, even if I did have a waffle iron. So try this:

Toast your frozen waffles on a hot griddle or large frying pan. No need to defrost. Use plenty of butter, re-buttering when you flip them over. A minute or so on each side is plenty. They brown nicely and quickly. As they’re now already buttered, just serve with syrup as you fancy. Enjoy. You’ll notice a tremendous improvement!

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Celebrity Chicken with Rice Soup

Winter colds and flu gotcha down? Having one of those low-energy evenings where the whole idea of “dinner” just sounds too high-maintenance? And the fridge has Ziplock containers with leftover chicken noodle and whatever from yesterday (after all, who can eat a whole can of soup by themselves when not feeling well?)

And those containers by themselves don’t contain enough for a single-serving portion? If you’re not feeling well, it’s enough to make you turn around and go back to bed.

Here’s what I did. It’s REALLY simple, and it’s supposed to be – chicken soup is a delicate flavor. Don’t overload it with oregano, garlic seasoning, or such. Stick to JUST these basics:

  • Open a new can of Chicken With Rice and add the suggested one can of water (not chicken stock)
  • Add some leftover chicken noodle if you have it in the fridge.
  • Add one 99 cent can of mushrooms – caps, or pieces and stems.
  • That’s it. Heat and serve. It might just be the best chicken soup you ever had. The mushrooms add a fresh distinctive flavor that just really complements all the other ingredients. You’d think you were being served in a pricey gourmet restaurant.

    Oh, and what’s the “Celebrity” about? Nothing, really – no one’s endorsing my soup. But you’ll feel like a celebrity when you try a bowl.

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