I Still Play Klondike

… and I have a major update wrapping up the wit and wisdom of my previous posts on Klondike Strategy. But that update has been gathering dust for months. I’m feeling rather humble about the whole thing.

You see, I climbed to over 50% win ratio on that same long streak of games I’ve been accumulating for years. So, I reasoned, I must be doing way better than 50% in order to raise the long-term average that much. And, I started a brand-new game under a new user name.

I haven’t been able to hit better than 48.3% since.

So, my “new strategy” makes a lot of sense but I haven’t seen any improvement in my score. I can’t even beat my old record. Maybe I was just riding the 100-year Tsunami.  I play more Sudoku as a consolation. Perhaps I’ll publish that new Klondike article one day. When, I just don’t know …

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