Puzzle – Garden of Eden

OK, so you couldn’t solve the Zebra puzzle. Here’s one submitted by Stacy on December 15, 2002. We sense there’s a solution, but our truth table approach isn’t working — so far. See how you do. Challenge yourself!

February 17, 2003 – we found the solution. Send us yours and we’ll tell you whether that was the result we arrived at. How to publish solutions without giving away the answer — that is the question! (There’s a HINT somewhere in the YaBB Forum).

2/20/2003 Someone named ’24fan’ sent us an email with a 560K total size. It was titled “Garden of Eden” and may have contained a solution. It also contained the W32.Klez.H@mm worm virus. Norton Antivirus intercepted it, so we never got to see its contents. If this is you, we recommend disinfecting your machine! Going forward, in this age of proliferating viruses and cyberterrorism, we ask readers to please write us before attempting to send us email attachments.

2/26/2003 Our first reader solution, from N.W., and a good one too!

Everything was perfect in the Garden of Eden, until one day somebody ate an apple from the tree of knowledge. The immediate result was that you could no longer trust people to tell the truth. In fact, when all the residents were questioned about the events, only one of them answered all the questions truthfully. All the others told some lies, though no two of them told the same number of lies.

1. The snake ate the apple.
2. The snake was in the garden.
3. Eve has not weeded the garden.
4. Abel failed to do his chores.

5. Adam ate the apple.
6. We are not all equally truthful.
7. I was out weeding the garden.
8. The snake lies.

9. Abel ate the apple.
10. Abel doesn’t always tell the truth.
11. Mother has always preferred Abel.
12. The snake never lies.

13. Cain ate the apple.
14. The snake can’t see over the hedge.
15. I have done my chores.
16. The snake ate the apple.

17. I was not in the garden.
18. Eve ate the apple.
19. Cain is Eve’s favorite son.
20. I can’t see over the hedge.

Who ate the apple?

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3 thoughts on “Puzzle – Garden of Eden

  1. hi,
    i just wanted to know if someone would be able to tell me the answer to this puzzle because i cannot seem to get it. I’ve been working on it and it is just not clicking. Can someone help me? Also with an explanation why it is that answer 🙂
    thank youu

  2. This is a toughie, alright. I replied with the Eden puzzle solution and the password to the solutions page, to the email address you sent. Thanks for writing.

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