Scratchpad Doodles

I found a couple of old preliminary design sketches some months back when I was looking for something else in the computer room. I’d forgotten about this note pad. Some years ago, I was jazzed about the notion of getting back into engine-powered model airplanes (U-Control). I drew some sketches. I’m not very good at freehand mechanical drawing, but it seems this is almost a lost art form.

I can’t resist looking at almost any mechanical drawing to see how it works. So I scanned these. Click the images for full-size views.

The engine here is a Fox .45 with variable throttle (actually for radio control). It sits out in the garage gathering dust, as it has for 30 years. The reason for the sketch was to design engine mounts and housing of the right size to mount the engine inside a built-up 3-D fuselage – instead of mounting externally on a solid balsa and plywood slab fuselage. The chances of this project actually being completed is slim but I have to admit it still sounds like fun.

The model sketch shows the horizontal stabilizers ridiculously close to the trailing edge of the wings. This is not the loss of perspective and judgment it seems: in stunt and “combat” models, this foreshortened design gives incredible climb and dive response – and a hair trigger sensitivity.

Fox 45 model engine Fox 45 model engine

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