Pipes 2008

We’ve expanded our Nording pipe collection some since our last post on this topic. All are great smokers, but we have our favorites even among these. You can click each image for larger files.

Nording pipe rack... Click image for larger file.

We’re also partial to Bjarne “Poker” style pipes. We added a couple of these, the smooth and sandblast, pictured below — above the one pet Dunhill in our collection. They are both real pleasures to smoke, and often get the honors of the first smoke of the day. The Dunhill was one of our earliest purchases and remains one of the best smokers of all.

Two Bjarne pokers and a Dunhill ... Click image for larger file.

In the top photo it looks like it’s time to clean the stems again. Nordings all come with hard rubber stems, which tend to collect grime faster than acrylic stems. After trying a variety of things, the best method we’ve found is the old-fashioned hand scrub brush and a little dish detergent. After washing, the stem then has a dried-out dull grayish appearance. We used to use olive oil as is often recommended on the hard rubber, but switched to ordinary hand lotion. It’s less oily, absorbs completely and doesn’t smell like pan frying.

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