Alex’s Mix No. 1 (2008)


2008 Tobacco Blend

Alex’s No. 1 mix has changed little over the last year and a half. I shared my blend with my good friend Al M. and he ordered his own. Al mistakenly cut the proportion of HS-3 from 32 ounces to 16, and we found that to be an excellent blend also. I am currently smoking a “half and half” mixture (24 oz. HS-3, everything else the same as 2006). We order tobaccos from the excellent Pipes and Cigars website. The returns still are not in – all three are excellent smokes. When you can change the proportion of the largest ingredient by that much, I think that speaks well for a winning blend!

Name ( Code Qty Each
Lane Limited – BCA (by the ounce) bptlan05 8 1.35
Lane Limited – HS-3 (by the ounce) bptlan16 24 1.25
Altadis Bulk – Mild Burley – J4 (by the ounce) bptalt58 16 1.30
Blending Latakia Pipe Tobacco (1 pound) bptmcc45 1 29.10

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