Klondike Wins

I thought I better post this now because I’m on another losing streak. I’ve been stuck in the 45.0-46.5% “wins” plateau for months, but briefly set a new record.

4/17/2008: It took me all this time to get back to the old record. You can see it took a number of additinal games, too.

6/7/08: Incremental gains. A new record, hard-won by a very small margin!

6/11/08: The audacity of hope. Chance of busting 47%: slim. Chance of backsliding: do the numbers.

6/14/08: The audacity of hope. I did it.

9/6/2008: like the last butterfly of Spring, you’d best get a last look.

9/11/2008: more ephemera.

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