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Notes and blends for favorite pipe tobaccos. My tastes are changing! Updated August 19, 2006

Alex’s No. 1 Mix (new) Five stars

My current order formula: 1 lb Medium Burley from Altadis, 1 lb Lane Limited BCA black cavendish, 1 lb Latakia blending pipe tobacco, and 2 lbs Lane Limited HS-3. I experimented with Perique, but went with the Latakia, which complements and defines the full flavor in a very satisfactory way. I am very happy with this mix and have stayed with it for over a year. I still order my bulk tobacco from Habana ( Despite a respectable stock of other enjoyable blends mentioned on this page, I rarely smoke them.

Alex’s No. 1 Mix (old) 4.5 stars

I mix burley, black cavendish and HS-3 golden cavendish in a 1:1.25:2.5 blend (4:5:10). My current favorite. I am using Medium Burley from Altadis, Lane Limited BCA black cavendish, and Lane Limited HS-3. These fresh individual components beat bagged retail blends as mixers every day of the week, turning an “OK” mix into a prize.

Trout Stream 4oz. 3.5 stars

Eric’s Adirondack Series. This is a mixture of Golden Cavendish Slices mixed with a sweet Black Cavendish. Perfect for tying flies or stepping out of your tent on a cool misty morning.

My comments: Mild, no bite down to the bottom of the bowl. Not as robust as anything I mix, but a very pleasant flavor. Excellent aroma in the bag or in the smoke. Seems ideal for the first smoke of the day, or last of the evening. A real pleaser, this has twice been a reorder item. Source:

Milk and Honey 2.5 stars

Scotty’s Blends. Another house favorite. Loaded with the finest black cavendish and a single malt highlight. Perfect for the cool night.

My comments: Moderately robust, flavored blend gets better as you smoke it. Mild nutty flavor. In the bag, a hint of an aroma like strawberry jam. Not sure what “single malt” means in the blended tobacco context. Possibly a bit much for my liking in a big bowl; might be perfect for a standard 3/4 bowl or a bantam. Source:

LL 1Q 3 stars

Lane Limited. Golden Cavendish blend but with a hint of fire-cured blended in provides a scintillating taste and flavorful aroma.

My comments: Nice smooth taste, nice aroma. I keep this one around. Best smoked alone, as its subtle qualities will be lost in a reblend. Many find it bland, and I would not argue the point, but it is a pleasant “dessert” change once in a while. Source: or

LL RLP-6 3 stars

Lane Limited. Blended with just the right proportion of Golden Virginia and Burleys, the basic blend of Toasted Cavendish tobaccos gets better as you smoke it.

My comments: Lots of Toasted Cavendish gives a more robust flavor, nice aroma in the bag or pipe. Golden Virginia gives an interesting variety compared to golden cavendishes. Although I generally prefer the golden cavendishes, this one is kept on hand for an after dinner or special smoke. LL-7 is a better example of this genre. Source:

LL-7 4 stars

Lane Limited. Lane LL-7 A majestic combination of toasted Cavendish enhanced with premium Burley and Virginias that provide zesty taste, enchanting aroma and an unsurpassed smoke.

My comments: This instantly became one of my favorites. Source:

LL HS-3 (blender) 3.5 stars

Lane Limited. Aroma, one of the most important aspects of any pipe tobacco, is the paramount consideration in this blend of Golden Cavendish tobacco. Everyone within smelling distance loves it!

My comments: Sweet, aromatic, wonderful taste on the tongue. As aromatic as they claim. Excellent mixer, this is my staple source of Golden Cavendish. I have already been through a couple of pounds of this. Source: or

LL RHQ3 2.5 stars

Lane Limited. A unique blend of Golden Cavendish tobaccos with a touch of Mellow Burleys enhanced with a delicate nutty and fruity flavor for a distinctively pleasurable smoke.

My comments: A pleasant but bland mix. I seem to be leaning to more robust blends. LL-7 has replaced RHQ3 and even RLP-6 as favorite in this category. Source:

Altadis Medium Burley 2971051 (blender) 3.5 stars

Altadis Bulk Tobacco.

My comments: A great mixer. Much nicer in-the-bag aroma than generic bulk bought at places like Walgreen’s. This is an enjoyable smoke with a nice nutty natural flavor, the best of the straight burleys I have tried so far. Source:

Lane Limited Light Burley 2.5 stars

A straight mild burley, no bite, burns a little hot unless repacked, and has a nice mild flavor. A good palate cleanser after a diet of aromatics. For smoking variety, I am looking for the “right” straight burley and this is a candidate. Source: Cup O’ Joes

Walgreens Golden Burley (“Blender’s Gold”) 2 stars

This was mentioned in the forum: “It has no bite and a decent, if not exciting flavor.” I have most of a bag of this left and will dip into it from time to time. Walgreen’s sells a line of decent, above-average and interesting mild blends, as retail tobaccos go.

Walgreens Mellow Blend (“Blender’s Gold”) 2.5 stars

I started with the Walgreens “Mellow Blend” and instantly left Walter Raleigh behind forever. Adventuresome smokers interested in purchasing custom blends from tobacco houses, or in blending their own from bulk, can do far better. But, for someone starting out, on a budget, or just wanting a decent smoke, the Walgreens 12 oz packagings under the “Blender’s Gold” house label are creditable, economical, and pleasant, reliable smoking.

HGB-2000 Burley & Black 2763051 2 stars

Altadis Bulk Tobacco. Source:

My comments: Promising. More robust. Flavorful. Lots of Black Cavendish. Nice aroma in bag. A little more bite. I liked this at first but find myself going to the other canisters.

R-18 “Danish Cavendish” 2.5 stars

Lane Limited. Perfect burning quality and rich flavor combine to form one of our most popular blends. dark and Light Cavendish tobaccos. Source:

My comments: another Cavendish mix from LL. It’s getting hard to express a preference between some of these mixes. Smokes nice even in a brand new Nording. Mild sweetness. Starts out pleasant but light at the beginning of the bowl, progressing to a rich complex near-robustness toward the end, with not a hint of bite or artificiality. Mild.

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