Klondike Wins 49%



I don’t know what the official record is for this game, if it exists, but 49% is a record for me.

If you do the math, this isn’t really 49%, it’s rounded up from 0.4896675… or 48.966%. I wrote the SolSuite support folks about this. Their answer:

Our programmers have explained to me that it is possible to have only one decimal after the point, so the percetages [sic] have to rounded. Anyway, they know about your suggestion. Thank you!

I’ve worked with programmers most of my working life, and this answer is of course balderdash, though (as I just explained) not entirely unexpected from the profession. If the higher score is “better”, and you only support one decimal place, the answer should be reported as 48.9% (truncate excess digits; don’t round up).

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