Excerpted Huffington Post Comments

I’ve recently become active in the Huffington Post registered comment community. Summitlake.com readers may find in my comments some good talking points and “intellectual ammunition” on a number of currently topical issues. I’ve mostly commented on news about the dangerous Santorum, the growing extremist religious right political movements, gay issues, women’s reproductive rights, and other recent news show-stoppers. Boldface subtitles are the titles of the HuffPost article being commented upon.

Alexander Forbes’s Comments

Dear America: You Have a Gay Problem
Commented Mar 15, 2012 at 00:50:57 in Canada
“Of course you have a right to your opinion, and we have a right to disagree, as you say. The issue is that statutory law is being used to deprive certain minorities of certain basic rights afforded all other classes of Americans (which you may call huge collections of individuals, or just ‘groups’). The most likely remedy would be the equal protection clause of the 14th Amendment, but, if you read the text; you’ll see it enumerates what the _States_may not abridge, which of course many states are doing anyway. Hence the push to ban Same-Sex Marriage on the federal level. Constitutional protections deal imperfectly with issues the founding fathers never heard of or anticipated. Many of your all-caps arguments are found in the Libertarian Party Platform. Sounds like your heart is in the right place even if you don’t understand “gay,” anyway.”

Social Justice: Is Marriage Equality a Civil Right?
Commented Mar 15, 2012 at 00:08:43 in Religion
“Outstanding! Thank you! Marriage equality is a civil right and should be protected under the “equal protection” 14th Amendment.”

British Lesbians Denied Valentine’s Rose By Waitress Because They Were Not A ‘Real Couple’
Commented Mar 11, 2012 at 01:18:21 in Gay Voices
“Boo Boo Bob is right; the establishment should have been called out. But, you know, that establishment wasn’t hiring ‘real’ waitresses.”

Chick-Fil-A Speaks Out On Viral Controversial Employment ‘Flyer’ (VIDEO)
Commented Mar 11, 2012 at 00:47:03 in Gay Voices
“Thanks, and you’ve raised great points in the thread too. I was “no preference” in the army, and I was never asked about religion or sexual preference in any of many careers between 1964 and 2009. “4F” draft status could be awarded for flat feet, bad eyesight or disability, not just homosexuality. But you are correct that, empirically, many employers still had covert interest in personal info that was none of their business, and rumor was often as dangerous as confirmation.”

Chick-Fil-A Speaks Out On Viral Controversial Employment ‘Flyer’ (VIDEO)
Commented Mar 10, 2012 at 23:41:19 in Gay Voices
“I’m not counting on it. I read the whole thread and researched this on Kos’ 2007 article (most links broken) and elsewhere. I don’t think I could eat at a place with a name like that anyway. I’m not even religious, but being Christian isn’t on trial here. Practicing discrimination – or trying to enact it into statute – is. The franchisee question seems legit to me until a pervasive pattern of actual discriminatory behavior is shown.”

Chick-Fil-A Speaks Out On Viral Controversial Employment ‘Flyer’ (VIDEO)
Commented Mar 10, 2012 at 22:52:27 in Gay Voices
“Wikipedia has more current info, in more detail, than you’ll find in standard paper references, AND its articles are usually better footnoted. It’s NOT a substitute for doing your own research; your teachers are right. See what you can find on “social conservatism” in Webster’s or Britannica, and then check Wikipedia. Excerpt: “Social conservatism is a form of authoritarianism often associated with the position that the national government, or the state, should have a greater role in the social and moral affairs of its citizens, generally supporting whatever it sees as morally correct choices and discouraging or outright forbidding those it considers morally wrong ones.”” Continue reading

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Rick Santorum Calls ‘Saturday Night Live’ Sketch ‘Bullying’

According to a recent Huffington Post article, Rick Santorum reacted to a ‘Saturday Night Live’ sketch poking fun at his anti-Gay Marriage Views by calling it ‘Bullying’ … Santorum and Bachmann are the two most rabidly anti-gay candidates ever to float to the surface of the political septic tank. In reviewing this skit, which covered all the candidates, I didn’t think the Santorum segment went far enough. The skit is embedded here, courtesy of Huffington and Hulu. (It’s preceded by a 30-second ad.)

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Saturday Top 10 Gay Issues

Phoenix, Saturday morning …

  1. The desert landscaping drip irrigation system sprang yet another leak. I found and fixed it in less than an hour.
  2. No hot water this morning. Found the number for the plumber. Then found and reset 30A circuit breaker. Hot water heater works fine.
  3. There are 10 different bird sounds in the back yard. I only recognize the starling and grackle. Must learn another one for 2006.
  4. I saw a star last night in cloudy Phoenix. All right, it was only one, and I don’t know which star. But that’s one more than folks in the cloudy SF Bay Area saw. Hoping for two, tonight.
  5. The weeds are starting to flourish. This confirms the rains Phoenix supposedly gets when I’m away. Time to pull the weeds.
  6. Dust storms?even get past the?garage door, and the car is dusty. I know how to fix this.
  7. The pool is clearer than I’ve ever seen it, and even the skimmer vacuum is tracing its rounds on the pool bottom. I’m not adjusting anything. Nothing for me to do.
  8. It’s sunny and mid-60’s. Feels like mid-sixties. No, it feels like Spring! Nothing to complain about here!
  9. I miss Bob, but somewhere I think he is watching me do all my chores and saying, “See, I told you so!”
  10. In a world filled with war, hatred and intolerance, you may be asking?how we can talk of weeding when there is?real?suffering and injustice. Au contraire,?when we?stop valuing the mundane concerns typified by items 1-9, where has the purpose of the struggle gone? Live your life each day as best as you know how, not as a “model” for others, but as a model for yourself and those closest to you. The rest of the world will catch up, but it always keeps its own timetable.

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Paybacks Are Hell

Humor: Paybacks Are Hell is a true story about a visit I paid to my brother many years ago. He has always been somewhat homophobic, mainly because he says the Bible tells him to voice loud objections to anything of which he personally disapproves. Even a blessed saint can commit horrendous gaffes which directly contradict the heavenly directives. This story is slightly off-color, but we hope you’ll enjoy this: read it to find out what happened.

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“Ask Alex”

Ask Alex bannerIn which we tackle the really tough issues and some that are not so tough. Sometimes flippant, sometimes introspective, always concerned that being gay in twentieth-century America has to be such a big deal by contrivance and artificiality, or (some say), by demonizing conspiracy. Here are our answers to commonplace questions from and about our communities, family, identity, and living a gay life in an un-gay world. Copyright 1996. New page browser: Ask Alex – Gay FAQ’s and Fancies

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