Gay Prejudice

Prejudice is for the few people that cannot be happy unless they hate some other persons conduct, nation, or creed.

Straight persons don’t feel intimated by gay people or desire to put them down. Mostly the insecure and unconfident persons some with gay inclination put down gays.

Gays mostly seek for persons that they recognize by telepathic chemistry. And to have awareness of and seek to attract by the awareness magnetism that their mental conscious and physical body’s language show desires to be honored.

Most seek only those that are for real and trustworthy. Then there are ones with no morals. Gays best watch out for ones that have only spirals of gay weakness and only are seeking for being seduced so as to show revenge and mentally feel like they are proving to society that they have a macho image by raking and slandering gays.

Yet they somewhat secretly crave to feel desired and wanted by the gay victim they try to con or convince to come on to them. They hate their own weakness or feel rejected by not having the quality that anyone desires to seduce them. Scorned persons become angry and slanderous.

A bible quote says that at the end of time two men will be in bed together. One will be taken and one left.

— contributed by Gene Taylor on March 6, 2005, in response to our “Despising Gays” article. Readers may write guest contributors care of this website.

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