Coming Out – 10 Years

Archive: Coming Out – 10 Years: For the most part, I have always avoided references to my own personal experience in these pages in the past, though that is the preferred method through which gays shared issues and experiences in all the peer groups I’ve attended and facilitated. I still think a newsletter is not necessarily the proper forum for a journal of personal experiences and tribulations. On this occasion, I’d like to share an exception. It’s never been my intent to keep my own personal experience a secret. I have written frequently about national and world issues, because I am a citizen, but I especially owe the gay community a lot. I am a gay man, and part of that community, and always will be.

I think that on the tenth anniversary of my own coming-out, it is time to say something about who I am and what I’ve experienced — personally.

Alex Forbes Tuesday, December 7, 1999

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