I’m Voting Obama in 2008

Telling the LGBT community why I’m voting for Obama is like preaching to the choir.

This full editorial essay appears in our Commentary Department. Why? It contains political, economic and historical analysis of the Republican Party. It contains strong opinion on why the best candidate the Republicans have to offer is not nearly good enough, by any measure. It also contains comment and anecdotes showing why no economic model or reform can truly succeed unless it’s based on a strong platform of equal access and equal civil rights for all Americans.

Many of us have been raised conservative and tried to win inclusion in an exclusionary Republican process that promises freedom at the price of sacrifice. No matter what you think you know about the parties, this is not the year to vote for a stale rehash of eight years of Republican administration. It’s too late for that.

The Republican Party needs to reinvent itself, but we cannot wait. In the last 50 years, the economic roles of the two major parties appears to have flip-flopped almost diametrically. I think Obama is the better candidate, I think the Democrats have the better platform, I think the gay and lesbian community stands the best chance of not losing rights we’ve already gained if we elect a Democratic administration, and I’m voting for Obama.

For the full editorial essay, see the Commentary Page ā€œWhy Iā€™m Voting for Barack Obama in 2008.ā€

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