Saturday Top 10 Gay Issues

Phoenix, Saturday morning …

  1. The desert landscaping drip irrigation system sprang yet another leak. I found and fixed it in less than an hour.
  2. No hot water this morning. Found the number for the plumber. Then found and reset 30A circuit breaker. Hot water heater works fine.
  3. There are 10 different bird sounds in the back yard. I only recognize the starling and grackle. Must learn another one for 2006.
  4. I saw a star last night in cloudy Phoenix. All right, it was only one, and I don’t know which star. But that’s one more than folks in the cloudy SF Bay Area saw. Hoping for two, tonight.
  5. The weeds are starting to flourish. This confirms the rains Phoenix supposedly gets when I’m away. Time to pull the weeds.
  6. Dust storms?even get past the?garage door, and the car is dusty. I know how to fix this.
  7. The pool is clearer than I’ve ever seen it, and even the skimmer vacuum is tracing its rounds on the pool bottom. I’m not adjusting anything. Nothing for me to do.
  8. It’s sunny and mid-60’s. Feels like mid-sixties. No, it feels like Spring! Nothing to complain about here!
  9. I miss Bob, but somewhere I think he is watching me do all my chores and saying, “See, I told you so!”
  10. In a world filled with war, hatred and intolerance, you may be asking?how we can talk of weeding when there is?real?suffering and injustice. Au contraire,?when we?stop valuing the mundane concerns typified by items 1-9, where has the purpose of the struggle gone? Live your life each day as best as you know how, not as a “model” for others, but as a model for yourself and those closest to you. The rest of the world will catch up, but it always keeps its own timetable.

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