Welcome to La Parola

La Parola was originally the monthly newsletter of the Gay Italian American Club, a small, private, nonpolitical, social and benevolent society of men and women in the San Francisco Bay Area since 1984.

HEADER IMAGES: Our playing field image was taken in San Francisco by Bob Sibley at the 1974 Gay Parade. The Rainbow flag image was caught by me in 2014. I happened to discover sunlight, split into a brilliant prophetic rainbow was cast 100 feet from the kitchen into a darkened hallway by a hanging crystal prism, of the sort that used to hang from chandeliers. The Rainbow photo of our White House is by the New York Times, June 26, 2015, celebrating marriage equality across our whole land.

Summitlake.com has maintained ourĀ La Parola tradition since 1995. Our purpose remains the promotion of friendship and fellowship and to be a positive and benevolent force within the general community. Talking Crow Productions has been associated with our articles and essays since 1993.

Over the years, La Parola grew into a rich legacy resource of articles affecting the GLBT community, issue analysis, and community links. To paraphrase Tony Brown’s famous PBS quote concerning Shockley and racism in America, if we can’t confront the forces of hate and prejudice with facts and debate, then perhaps this lends credence to their theories that we are in some way inferior. In fact, when the issues are aired in the light of day, their arguments come across as pretty runny, which they are.

In recent years, many issues, which might formerly have been aired in La Parola, have appropriately migrated to our Commentary or HOME departments. I hope there is less need for individual blog battle-grounds when inequality issues of all sorts are now mainstream media events, but I continue to add to this page as landmark events require.

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