Catholic Bishops Meeting

Mrs. Perez, of the same street address on another street in Phoenix, did not get her July 2 edition of the Catholic Sun, a local paper that keeps church members up to date on what’s new in the Catholic world. I know Mrs. Perez didn’t get her Sun, because the Post Office mis-delivered it to my house.

I’m not Catholic, and I was sorting through three weeks of delivered mail, so I almost chucked it. But you never know what pearls you’ll find in the local rags, so I checked it out.

Sure enough, Catholic bishops held their annual UCCBS meeting in San Antonio June 17-19. They could not agree on a number of topics, mostly liturgical stuff, but voted to urge reform of our US immigation laws. Apparently they want more humane policies for non-citizens while maintaining the ban on illegal immigration.

They also heard from Archbishop Joseph E. Kurtz, of Lousiville Kentucky, who heads the ad hoc committee on Defense of Marriage. What a surprise! Apparently they want less humane policies for Americans citizens in the LGBT community while maintaining the ban on gay marriage.

With six states now recognizing same-sex unions in one form or another, the committee is concerned. They focused on four key points in their report:

— That marriage is inherently related to sexual differences and the complementarity of men and women.

— That marriage is for the good of children, who are themselves “a great good of marriage.”

— That marriage is a unique bond reserved to men and women by nature.

— That same-sex marriage has negative effects on religious rights.

This last one is the reason for this post; it’s the only one I hadn’t heard before. What “religious rights” are we talking about, exactly? Are we to assume our right to equal protection for same-sex unions under the law is an infringment of Catholics’ rights to prevent us from doing so?

I found no explanation. Just thought you’d want to know.

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