Random Header Images

Random header images have returned to our Summitlake.com Home Page. That’s the page-wide banner image at page top. Home page visitors see a new image with each visit. We select these at random from a collection of about 40 custom images. I created these from my library of personal photos, including many not posted elsewhere. Visitors to other departments continue to get a static image (it never changes) which helps visually to determine what department we’re currently viewing. The rest of this article contains an image displaying what those iconic department images look like, and technical details mostly of interest to WordPress geeks.

I hope you enjoy the 40 or so new custom Home Page header images. I created them new from Photoshop crops of the my favorite personal library images.

The image below displays the static banner header images for our nine satellite “departments”. The Astronomy header photo is from a NASA image of the Helix Nebula. All other banners currently used on this site are crops from personal digital photographs and 35mm slide scans. (No image is shown below for HOME as it’s the department with rotating random images.) All personal images are copyright, so it would not be cricket to post these images elsewhere.

Department Banners

Department Banners

Random banner images are built into WordPress as of version 3.2, eliminating the need for custom programs and plug-ins.

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SQL Upgrade Outage

SQL Upgrade Outage — we had a 3 hour outage tonight as I fat-fingered my way through an SQL software upgrade. The upgrade supports WordPress, which became unavailable. Pages affected were Commentary (index), Computers (index), PHOTO Notes, and My Notes. My apologies for any inconvenience. This marks the end of the site upgrades (whew!) — Alex

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We posted a couple of updates to the Dell thread, notable a fine letter from Bill M. — who is not the first to comment on Dell Financial.

Also, we closed out our own Dell Firewall page with a note that we tossed that laptop in the dumpster a few weeks ago.

Lastly and worthy of note (on a different topic): we had a desktop machine that was consistently freezing despite a Windows update, CHKDSK, defrag, Norton scan, Spybot scan, AdAware scan and Windoctor checkup. We checked HD settings (CSEL) and checked for loose boards or memory. All looked fine.

Yet that same drive (in its Dataport cart) booted fine on another identical machine with same motherboard and CPU. It was still running fine 24 hours later.

The apparent cause? CMOS went out of whack for some reason. We removed the battery for 2 minutes, jumpered pins 2-3 for the same duration, and replaced everything. We tweaked the native BIOS setting defaults. It’s been running fine ever since.

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Computers and Networking

Welcome to Summitlake’s Computer’s & Networking department! We are using WordPress as the department index. A listing for recent entries and articles is posted here. Use the scrolling autolist menu in the left-hand panel to browse the index of all articles in this department.

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