Short and Unhappy Life of RegCure

After removing RegCure and reinstalling the drivers, my system works perfectly. If this doesn’t prove that RegCure was removing needed registry entries, I don’t know what does.

I had some problems on my machine in Phoenix. But I’ve always had them, at least since the XP service packs SP2 or SP3, it seems. Clicking a link in Outlook, or in some of my applications, would cause the link to hang and, ultimately, the app would crash.
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SpywareBot: Phoney “Free” Software

Scan & Remove Spyware and Adware today! Remove all Spyware, Adware, Trojans, Dialers. Download Free Version!

I wanted a cross-check on how well McAffee finds spyware. I did a Google search on “spybot”, since I had a very elderly copy which did quite well but was hopelessly out of date.

I picked the top ranked link on the search results (which McAffee said was a trusted site) and downloaded the product and installed it. I ran it. It found over 60 files, mostly cookies, which are considered spyware. Since doubleclick had several entries in the found list, I was satisfied. I clicked the Repair button.
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Hoax Viruses

I sent this out to a local mailing list after yet-still-another hoax “virus alert” was circulated. We can browbeat well-meaning friends for propagating such trash as much as we want, but so long as they believe they are actually doing their friends a favor by “passing along” such news, we don’t stand a chance. I took this approach instead.

Dear friends: please DO NOT forward this email to anyone. It is intended only for you. It contains information about virus hoaxes, and how to discuss them with friends or club members without starting a chain letter.
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