Third-Party Printer Inks

Many of my friends make hardcopy prints of their photos, but I have too many images and almost never print them. But three years ago I felt an almost panicky need to buy a color printer. I found some treasured photographs and printed glossy 8×10’s so I could surround myself with framed reminders of a lost loved one.

The printer was an Epson PHOTO R340 (now discontinued). The prints were utterly stunning – I can’t tell the difference bewteen them and a Kodak enlargement. And they are a great comfort and source of happiness to me. Since then, we can bring in a camera card or USB thumb drive and order all the color copies and enlargements we want, at Long’s, Walgreen’s or elsewhere, on a few hundred thousand dollars of professional image printing equipment. Mostly these services promise 1-hour printing. This might have been a better option for me.
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