Shopping: Signs of the Times

Some people love shopping trips. They thrill to the sale, the newspaper inserts, the call of the malls. I’m the opposite. I dislike crowds, parking lots, poorly-trained or intrusive salespeople, cluttered store aisles, and sales hype.

I’ll drive to the store if I need something today: groceries, pool supplies, or something I want to see first-hand before I buy. I worked in retail sales for eleven years, so I appreciate it when I find good service, selections and price at a store (increasingly rare).
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AlphaSmart 3000

Feature Review: AlphaSmart 3000 5-Star review

image - My AlphaSmartHere I sit on the back patio in Phoenix. The sun is low in the sky. It’s beginning to cool off. A slight breeze sends the gentlest of riffles across the pool as I watch. A mother bird scrambles to feed the babies nesting in a hole in one of the Saguaro cacti. Our intrepid little C.Bear is staring intently at “Mr. Cactipus” to show he’s not afraid of him any more.

The neighbor’s rooster has taken it upon itself to begin crowing at 4PM, but we don’t mind. This is vacation. This is a perfect evening to be outside. This is a perfect time to reflect on all of life’s little inconsequentials, and on fun things too.

At any time, should I want to note any of this down, my AlphaSmart is just a few steps away. I can sit in the shade, sip my iced coffee, hear Mrs. Bird wrangling with the noisy little ones, and jot a note on my AlphaSmart as the mood strikes me.
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