WordPress server on Mac localhost

First test WordPress installation on local Mac machine. Click image for 1024x768 view.

First test WordPress installation on local Mac machine. Click image for 1024×768 view.

Pictured above is a test WordPress installation running on a desktop Mac. It’s running under a free development environment for Mac called MAMP.  No internet connection or remote server uploads are involved at all.

WordPress is the popular free web blog engine that evolved into an excellent website platform. If the page pictured above looks familiar, that’s because Summitlake.com (and thousands of other sites) are running under WordPress. Continue reading

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Build a Music Server “on the cheap”

Respected audio guru Wes Phillips reviews the Linn Klimax DS network music player in the current March Stereophile magazine. It streams 124KHz 24 bit music to a hardwired home music network. If you can afford the $20,000 price tag (even money, no $19,999.99 bait-and-switch here) then you can probably also afford to hire an outside shop to rip your entire CD library to proprietary FLAC digital audio files, which you can then route through the whole house on a state of the art proprietary software platform.
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Music Server

When we turn on the FM radio and leave it on a favorite station, we can get music all day. I like the Bay Area’s KDFC (102.1 Classical FM). Their announcing and classical programming rarely disappoint. After a few months, though, the ads get a little irritating. Stations are forced to accept ads from car dealers who insist on doing their own pitches, and trendy retailers (“Food Max”) whose hair-curling, low-life jingles make me cringe. Gone are the days when tasteful stations could dictate standards to their advertisers.
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Music PC in Living Room Stereo

Finished project installed The Silverstone project is more or less complete. I’ve been playing music in the living room for several hours without once changing a CD – or, for that matter, loading one.

iTunes is happily cranking out WAV files on the 300GB hard drive. The acid test, I knew all along, was going to be: but how good does all this sound through the big front and rear living room speakers? It sounds great! Despite surprises and setbacks you may have followed on my “Silverstone Project”, the project was very worhwhile. I am happy and satisfied.
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