Mac & Windows Notes

I continue to enjoy my Mac Pro (under Snow Leopard) and my PC (with newly installed Windows 7-64). Following are some collected notes & observations.

  • Music: for years I’ve been careful to select PC motherboards with the best onboard sound processors (DAC’s). I knew I would be interested in finding the results of A/B sound comparisons between Mac and PC playing the same iTunes tracks in synch.
  • iTunes: “PC music” is a hot topic in the high-end audio magazines these days. The thinking is that you have to get an external DAC to wring true “hi-fi” stereo sound out of your PC – and the pros are often as not using iTunes to create their own state of the art music servers – something I’ve been doing for years, using just the onboard digital-to-analog logic.
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Son of Digital Rights Management

Sony BMG XCM. EULA. MPAA. MP3. RIAA. DVR. Digital Content Security Act (HR 4569). HD DVD. Do you know what this is all about?

It’s all about DRM – digital rights management. None of it is about you. To reverse the 80’s gag takeoff on the Wendy’s ad, maybe this is going to end up being Wendy’s after all. For me, just one beleagered part-time personal media user, you get to make the son of a bitch my way, or you don’t get to sell the son of a bitch at all.
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