Compact Fluorescent Lights (CFL’s)

I like and use CFL’s where possible. Our apartment complex converted all units to CFL fixtures, free, over a year ago. In the Phoenix house, I’ve switched almost all regular light bulbs to CFL. Fluorescent lighting is three times as efficient as incandescent – so a 20W fluorescent really provides as much light as a 60W bulb. That’s  a fact. The energy savings on a whole residence add up.

A few folks object to a perceived flickering in fluorescent fixtures of any type, and always have. Personally, I attribute this to bad ballasts in thousands of older fixtures with the  2-foot and 4-foot tubes. The same goes for hum. With CFL’s, though, occasionally I do detect a slight hum, not objectionable, and this generally goes away as the bulb warms up.
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