Correspondence: More on DataDesk Keyboards

I think DataDesk has been in the slow process of going out of business for about a decade, but not enough people ever show up at the office at one time to close it. I think they congregate there mainly to party when someone actually buys a keyboard.

I agree they are the most brilliantly designed ergonomic keyboards ever made. But they were noisy. Complaints at the office made me retire mine – people thought I was “angry” when I was typing, until I figured out what was going on, explained, and apologized.
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DataDesk Keyboard Fans

Five years ago I posted a review on the DataDesk 101E keyboard. I went out to the DataDesk website today and it is still there; it looks much like what I can remember from the year 2001. Not many people know about this excellent but obscure keyboard. Still, I’ve received a trickle of mail on the topic. The latest round was just a lot of plain fun; with the author’s permission I’ve copied it below.
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Spammers Giude

Archive: still as true today as in 2002, here is a list of satirical guidelines for spammers (my ‘Giude’ typo was intentional, in keeping with the credibility of our typical spammer).

Spammers Giude

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FireWire DOS Drivers?

Letter: FireWire DOS Drivers? delves further into “portable drives” as a true backup solution. Is FireWire or USB2.0 going to work for you as a backup solution? Now? Ever? Guess again. Here’s what we found out about the current state of driver support for these two new technologies. May 26, 2002, with continuing updates

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E-mail Standards

Mini-Ed: E-mail Standards

A few warning shots across the old bow, on slipping internet standards and customary protocols. Are our standards slipping? Are we setting ourselves up for calamity? Have you noticed that few people bother to use Stuffit or WinZIP to archive attachments they send any more? Attachment size isn’t the issue it used to be, but security and file integrity still are. June 9, 2001

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Datadesk Mac-101E Keyboard

Feature Review: Datadesk Mac-101E Keyboard reviews the coolest standard computer keyboard. The written word is a big part of our life at It should come as no surprise that many of our reviews focus on the best writing tools. Our review below praises the AlphaSmart, a self-contained keyboard and text processor. The Datadesk is a standard computer keyboard, but it’s the best standard keyboard we ever used in our life. Both products are outstanding in their respective categories, and serve very different functions. Read how we re-discovered Datadesk, and why we’ll never be without one again. June 2, 2001

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Frontier Scripting

Archive: in 1999, we posted a couple of HTML articles on the Frontier scripting language. It made a perfect substitute for Applescript when we bolted from Apple in 1997. Moving these articles to Archives in 2009, it’s worth noting I still use the old scripts I developed, though I’m not current on the application today.

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Whither Java?

Archive: In this 1998 rant, I lambasted Sun’s “pure Sun Java” marketing strategy. Java’s become the big thing in front end web development, and it did give a whole generation of programmers justification for all those expensive and time-consuming C++ courses.

I think I called this one wrong (2009), but back then there was a controversy about standards: Sun, of course, wanted to control the standard because they developed it. Microsoft, of course, wanted to pre-empt it.

Sun vs. Microsoft – Whither Java?

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