Antivirus Juju and Other Scares

Having dumped the intrusive, in-your-face resource hog Norton a year ago, I’ve been using McAfee. Actually, I get it free as a benefit of being on the ComCast broadband network. I’m still very pleased with McAfee overall, but herein lies a cautionary tale with an as-yet unlearned moral to the story.

I actually started this article on 12/29/2007, and found the draft today, 1/12/2008. Nasty computer crashes caused me to forget all about posting this article.
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Hoax Viruses

I sent this out to a local mailing list after yet-still-another hoax “virus alert” was circulated. We can browbeat well-meaning friends for propagating such trash as much as we want, but so long as they believe they are actually doing their friends a favor by “passing along” such news, we don’t stand a chance. I took this approach instead.

Dear friends: please DO NOT forward this email to anyone. It is intended only for you. It contains information about virus hoaxes, and how to discuss them with friends or club members without starting a chain letter.
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