This page is a LINK to the PAUG archive directory?containing a few of the old HTML pages composed?for our local Apple and Mac user group in the last decade of the last century, when personal technology exploded and everything changed for all time. We saw it all, and we probably devoted?more than a few?meetings?to each new topic.

Peninsula Apple User Group (PAUG)?was the local Apple club serving much of the San Francisco peninsula and east bay.?Members met monthly in the San Mateo and Redwood City area from roughly 1990 to 2004. Those were the heady old days of BMUG, when joining a local group was a fast track to learning the secrets and the power of the Apple machines, operating systems and software. We watched peripherals being added that today we take for granted or have already passed beyond: laser and inkjet printers, scanners, fax machines, dialup modems, ethernet, local networks, external hard drives, color monitors, webcams and digital cameras?- and the internet.

Today, clubs in general – and computer clubs in particular – have tanked. The biggest reason is that motivated people can get the information they need instantly, on the internet. I was a PAUG member from 1991 to 2001 and served as Vice President on the club board in 1996. I did not really follow the club closely after switching to the PC in 1997 and letting my membership drop in 2001. I maintain contact with a couple of the former members, and memory of those wonderful old PAUG days often still dominates?our conversations, though we have all moved on.

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