This page is a LINK to our multipage HTML article “Cookies and“, posted to COMPUTERS on January 30, 2001.

We cover both what cookies are and how they affect us, and our own policy on usage of cookies. This article is also a linked reference document from many different parts of our site.

In truth, of the thousand or so pages on this site, hardly a handful use cookies at all, and even those are more for your convenience than ours. For example, the seldom-used CHAT uses cookies, but mainly so you don’t have to log in each time and remember what screen name you’re using on this site. At, cookies are NEVER used to track reader browsing habits. Since we don’t have ads or revenue-sharing “click” schemes, and increasingly just turn off the “interactive” features of our site (because of spam), this useful article is mainly to tell you what you can do to inform and protect yourself against sites with more invasive policies.

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