Almost Pretty Good

The Software Skeptic’s User Guide

This page is a LINK to ?”Almost Pretty Good, The Emerging Software Standard“, a feature multipage HTML article posted to COMPUTERS in 2001. We take a hard look at what’s happening to much of the software industry – which is pretty much what happened to the automotive industry in Detroit in the late 20th Century.


The bewildering variety of software available can be baffling to beginning PC user and professional alike. Worse than that, product reliability is all over the board. This article is written by for:

  • users who typically have a heavy investment in software and depend on it frequently
  • users who want better ways to evaluate shopping criteria and purchasing decisions
  • users who ask, “don’t manufacturers ever use or test this stuff themselves?”
  • readers who want an inside look at software quality control.
  • both software professionals and beginning users

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