Windows CD Software

I had occasion to have to re-burn a family photo CD I had mailed to a nephew a year ago.

I prepared to use Roxio EZ Media Creator 7 to burn a new CD. It already had the serial from whenever I installed it, but now, it wanted to re-register. Roxio reported back to me that the serial had been “disabled”.

I paid good money for this software. Fraud? Dishonesty? An overly manipulative method to coerce me into upgrading?

I have a newer version, also paid for in full, but I had just installed it on a machine in Phoenix. I am not one to go back to a vendor and haggle for weeks over my rights. Usually, that’s just the end of the line for that vendor.

I have friends who are good at using the native software provided with an OS to get a task accomplished, so what would they do?

I uninstalled the existing Roxio product, put a CD in the burner, selected the JPG folder I wanted to put on CD, and right-clicked it. What would happen? I just used “Send To” to send it to the CD drive. In less than a minute I had my photo CD.

How would my nephew view it if he didn’t have dedicated image editing or viewing software? I right-clicked the CD drive icon and selected “Autoplay”. Windows Media player gave me a slide show that rivals any of my favorite software.

Good-bye forever, Roxio!

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