I’m training a new Spam manager program to block unwanted mail and content patterns, while “Trusting” mail from friends. For a while, this requires me to spend a little more time looking at my junk mail than normal. I’m proud to report: the quality hasn’t improved.

There are the obligatory messages inviting the reader to lengthen the male member — “Be the stallion you always wanted to be”, or to buy Cialis — “nitrates are also found in amyl nitrate or poppers“, the ad hints.

There’s an invitation to receive your FREE Visa card instantly – itself suspicious – from what appears to be a possibly legitimate Las Vegas business venture. But SpamWasher has identified it as “suspicious”.

There are a couple of friendly ladies who are bored this afternoon and would like to send me some nice pictures, or just chat with me.

Clearly, we have found the bottom of the advertising food chain, where the snails and the flatworms crawl. No part of the carcass is inedible. It’s a comfort to know that when we turn on the TV, we are subjected to just another part of the same inexorable cycle.

But, hold the phone Mynra, they’re giving away iPods – mail this to 12 of your friends!

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