WordPress Conversion

We’re working our way through Summitlake.com departments to convert most HTML pages into this WordPress department. As you’d note in today’s “What’s New” posting, it’s now the turn of our Computers & Technology department. We won’t repeat all that here.

Now a word about what’s actually happening. The total number of posts won’t change that much. When we created this WordPress department, it inherited a huge number of “legacy” HTML documents. In the interest of time, we didn’t add the text of all those articles to WordPress. Instead, we created WordPress posts containing SUMMARY paragraphs and links to the old documents. Think of these as “placeholders”.

Now, those placeholders are being replaced by the complete articles. The older HTML pages are deleted as we go.

Very large articles, such as our “C++ Glossary” or “Almost Pretty Good” feature article, don’t get imported into WordPress. The placeholders now appear as “Pages” in the right-hand WordPress menu links, so you always know where to find them.

As always, it takes quite a bit of manual effort to convert these HTML pages, one at a time. We’ve lived with the old “hybrid” system of HTML-and-WordPress for over a couple of years. It’s frustrating for us from the viewpoint of web development, so it must be more frustrating for our readers. When it’s all over, hopefully by the end of the year, it’ll be easier than ever before to find content at Summitlake.com — and thanks for your patience and support!

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