New Browsers

Within the last week I’ve installed Internet Explorer 7 on two machines: my newly built dual core ASUS/AMD 3800+ up north in California, and an old Soyo/AMD 1800+ down here in Phoenix.

There were no thrills or surprises. I like IE7 just fine. I’m getting used to multi-tab browsing and I like it. I do not see huge functional or visual differences – everything is a little harder to find, but I’ll get used to it. My main motivation was security, in the hopeful belief that the new IE7 core should be more bullet-proof even before all the expected periodic patches and updates.

Actually, the Phoenix installation was an accident. I did my regular Windows Update, not intending to take a chance on a resource-intensive new browser on an old machine, but I somehow got IE7 anyway. And it works fine.

Today, I installed Firefox 2.0 (Mozilla) on the Phoenix machine. It is more robust and mature than the 1.0 release that had caused problems viewing portions of this site. I like it fine, too. For the time being I’m allowing it to be the default browser.

I’m using Firefox to compose WordPress posts today. From the point of view of workflow, I notice no difference from IE6. It’s nice that the new browsers can be working tools right off the bat.

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