We posted a couple of updates to the Dell thread, notable a fine letter from Bill M. — who is not the first to comment on Dell Financial.

Also, we closed out our own Dell Firewall page with a note that we tossed that laptop in the dumpster a few weeks ago.

Lastly and worthy of note (on a different topic): we had a desktop machine that was consistently freezing despite a Windows update, CHKDSK, defrag, Norton scan, Spybot scan, AdAware scan and Windoctor checkup. We checked HD settings (CSEL) and checked for loose boards or memory. All looked fine.

Yet that same drive (in its Dataport cart) booted fine on another identical machine with same motherboard and CPU. It was still running fine 24 hours later.

The apparent cause? CMOS went out of whack for some reason. We removed the battery for 2 minutes, jumpered pins 2-3 for the same duration, and replaced everything. We tweaked the native BIOS setting defaults. It’s been running fine ever since.

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