Short and Unhappy Life of RegCure

After removing RegCure and reinstalling the drivers, my system works perfectly. If this doesn’t prove that RegCure was removing needed registry entries, I don’t know what does.

I had some problems on my machine in Phoenix. But I’ve always had them, at least since the XP service packs SP2 or SP3, it seems. Clicking a link in Outlook, or in some of my applications, would cause the link to hang and, ultimately, the app would crash.

I researched it and the finger seemed to point to a family of about 6 dll’s. I found a number of discussions on how to relink mshtml.dll. A downloaded “free fixit” crashed. Finally, another article suggested cleaning the registry. This is a sore spot with me. I felt my registry had little attention in a year; I now use System Mechanic, and it only finds and deletes one or two dead registry links.

A couple of years ago, I dumped Norton and Symantec during a routine virus update subscription renewal, because Symantec was requiring the user to agree to allow their credit card to be automatically debited for next year’s renewal as well.

Unfortunately, Norton always did a great job of cleaning and repairing the registry, so this might have been a costly decision for both me and Symantec.

RegCure seemed to be recommended. I impulsively downloaded and ran it. It found a ton of errors and offered to fix them if I would only buy the paid version. This should have been a tip-off right there.

I bought not one but two machine licenses and ran it on the Phoenix machine. It found and “fixed” a ton on problems.

I admit this solved whatever particular problem was plaguing MS Outlook. Curious, I ran RegCure again. It “found and fixed” about 50% of the problems it “found and fixed” the first time.

I ran it again. Each time, it reported fixing all the found problems, but went on finding more and more. I stopped using it. MS Outlook started acting up again.

Back at home in Northern CA – I honestly don’t know what’s wrong with me sometimes. This machine isn’t even that old. When Outlook crashed unexpectedly, I installed and ran RegCure.

My flat-panel video immediately went “jerky” – if you moved or scrolled a picture or app window, it hesitantly jumped from frame to frame as if Windows was having a hard time redrawing the screen.

I researched RegCure some more. It seems that for every site or post praising it, there’s another that damns it. I don’t have the statistics or data to make any sweeping conclusions.

You already know what happened to me. Here’s what I did about it.

1. I uninstalled RegCure with Add/Remove Programs. RegCure “told” me through a dying-gasp dialog that it had “found” 114 more problems, and that if I continued with the uninstall, it could not remove the problems. I uninstalled RegCure.

2. I re-installed all my video card VGA drivers.

After removing RegCure and reinstalling the drivers, my system works perfectly. If this doesn’t prove that RegCure was removing needed registry entries, I don’t know what does.

The VGA driver reinstall was the first, last and only thing I could think of short of proceeding with a clean system reinstall and a whole weekend of labor. It was a very lucky guess, that’s all.

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1 thought on “Short and Unhappy Life of RegCure

  1. Re-reading the above: I probably could have restored my system to an earlier restore checkpoint. Nonetheless, I was still left without a satisfactory registry cleaner. System Mechanic was recommended to me and I have used it for some years with caution – it is another one of those super-user-friendly apps that doesn\’t let you look at enough details of what it actually proposes to do. Does \"fix\" mean \"delete\"?

    I bit the bullet and paid for a Norton Utilities 14.0 download (no, NOT the intrusive SystemWorks). Norton has always been the standard for egistry and disk cleanup. It found and repaired some 123 reg entries in Phoenix alone, and now even that machine runs lots better, maybe perfectly. I uninstalled System Mechanic.

    I would NOT recommend Symantec download – buy the retail box, avoid the friendly but ineffective offshore Help, and avoid the broken labyrinth Symantec web timewaster. I wasted over an hour just trying to get the download I paid for.

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