What’s In A Signature

I’ve long used a “signature logo” to help Summitlake readers connect with the fact a real person pens these pages. The signature is “Alex”. I just realized this graphic is 24 years old!

You’ll often see it at the bottom of those of my posts with a more personal flavor.

With quite a bit of practice, I created this on my new Macintosh 512K in 1985. At the time I bought that machine, there were no other models to choose from. The mouse seemed to be one of the most ergonomically “natural” I have ever used. I used a huge drawing nib, probably about 18px, to scrawl this out in the original Mac “Paint” program.

Many years later, with the kind help of my resourceful friend Al, I was able to retrieve some of the stuff on those  original old Mac 3.5″ floppies. Somehow the logo, probably in Apple PICT format, found its way to newer machines and Adobe Photoshop, so that it now sports a blue ink color.

Throughout the years I have had a number of graphics input devices, including Wacom graphics tablets with programable stylii. I tried to create a better signature, but I never was able to draw a smoother one than I created in 1985.

That’s the story. Now you know!

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