Dell Customer Firewall

Mini-Rant: Dell Customer Firewall

April 6, 2002: The saga concluded on April 3 (for me) when Dell got the Inspiron 3800 going again, after 9 months, with a refurbished motherboard. The first refurbished motherboard was “DOA” – dead on arrival. The repair was at Dell’s expense. It was a victory, but at too great a cost. Others of you are still writing in with tales of similar ordeals. Check this updated article to see how it all turned out.

March 23, 2002: We may have to change the name of the article to “Dell Makes Good – Finally”. At this writing, I have a free replacement motherboard in a desk drawer at work, and a technician is sheduled to call early next week to install it, no charge. Stay tuned.

Scenario: About eight months into the warranty, your laptop keyboard breaks. Most of the keys on the right side won’t work. You don’t even use it that much, because you plug in an external, both at work, and at home. Dell sends out a technician to replace it, free.

Technician comments: “Yeah, I’ve seen this before”. Is he replacing the keyboard with an upgraded keyboard module? “No, it’s the same module.”

Six months later, the keyboard module fails again. Same symptoms. You can’t even log in without an external keyboard, because your password contains letter on the right side of the keyboard.

For the full story, click the link (above top]. In its handling of this case, chances are, Dell has alienated this customer for life. November 15, 2001 with updates.

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