Trans Mac for Win 2000

Mini-Review (attached document): Trans Mac for Win 2000 — Tucows shareware doesn’t live up to five-star rating . Cross-platform file transfer is a critical part of life for people operating between Mac and PC. Anyone ever using the old “MacDrive” or “Mac Here&Now” knows the concept is simple: mount a Mac-formatted volume in your A drive or removable media. See the Mac files in Windows Explorer. Drag and Drop files to the PC hard drive as needed. Here’s a product that bypasses intuitive simplicity in favor of its own little GUI environment.

I hate slamming the under-recognized shareware author community. Great implementations often come out of hundreds or thousands of hours of developer effort, at little or no cost to the end user. This product needs more work. Our message, and sole reason for posting this: Reviewers (and developers) of cross-platform software need to be familiar with the expectations of both platforms. May 26, 2001

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