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Edmund Scientifics has been around almost as long as I have. They offer kid-centric scientific toys, experiments and instruments that really work. They have an astronomy department now too, with Celestron and some pretty respectable other models in the smaller, young-adult aperture sizes. I wish my parents would have gotten me a telescope. But, after my little brothers got into my chemistry set, I don’t think they’d have had a lot of interest in spending good money or more gadgets. I would have to wait until I had my own hard-earned money. Somehow, Edmund caught up with me again after 50 years, and I am getting their catalogs. I haven’t ordered anything. And here’s an item that suggests my parents had the right idea (below). What I want to know: maybe it’s cool, but why does it need 100MB hard disk space?

USB Refrigerator

USB Refrigerator from Edmund Scientifics

Coolness At Your Computer

Keep your beverage of choice icy cold while you type, surf, or game away at your PC.

This USB powered device is stylized as a mini fridge and holds one can beverage and cools it to 8.5Âș after just five minutes.

It features an internal LED light and four feet of cable for convenient plug and play and is compatible with all platforms.

The refrigerator is 19.4 x 9 x 9.7cm in size.

System Requirements: 32 MB of system RAM; 100 MB available hard disk space; USB 1.1 port

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