Playing .wmv Video Clips on a Mac

This is for Mac people who want to play those .wmv files we receive … I’m mostly on a Mac platform now, so I didn’t have a way to view Microsoft .wmv movie files on my Mac. Apple uses QuickTime. I had to port the movie over to my PC.

There is a $29 conversion utility by Flip4Mac for Mac QuickTime, but I never edit movie files. I found a free player-only version at Microsoft (embedded below), and it worked seamlessly for me. (Reboot your Mac after installation):

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Restoring Offline Printer to Service

How to troubleshoot a printer that won’t print:

  • Try printing a test page
  • Check USB or Ethernet connections, if any
  • Check Print Server and ability to locate printer
  • reboot
  • repeat first three steps
  • glance over to the right and see if there’s any paper left in the printer
  • Works every time.

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    COBOL Emulator

    Our chief programmer and system architect at work purchased a COBOL emulator to run mainframe code on his PC. This was about 1989. If you’re a mainframe shop, and considering the state of PC’s at the time, this was a cool development tool.

    After a year or two of satisfactory use, he had a question. He called the manufacturer. After verifying which product he was inquiring about, they said, “So you’re the one.”

    What did they mean by that? “We only sold one copy of this particular product. We always wondered who purchased it.” December 6, 2003

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