Windows in Mac “wrong direction”

Parallels Desktop 3.0 for MacIf you’re a Mac owner, there are some pretty cool products for those times when you have to run Windows.

As I understand it, those products include software that comes with the Mac OS itself. Pictured here is a third-party product, Parallels. There is certainly enough top-quality software for most Mac needs, including Office for Mac, but there are additional thousands of good programs that, for better or for worse, are only written for the PC.
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Google Bid for DoubleClick?

Today’s news reveals rumors that Google, Microsoft and Yahoo are exploring bids to acquire the premier internet advertisement firm DoubleClick, for something in the range of $3 billion. It’s even on the radio, but this may be stale. WikiPedia states Google has reached a deal to acquire DoubleClick for $3.1 billion.
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E-mail Standards

Mini-Ed: E-mail Standards

A few warning shots across the old bow, on slipping internet standards and customary protocols. Are our standards slipping? Are we setting ourselves up for calamity? Have you noticed that few people bother to use Stuffit or WinZIP to archive attachments they send any more? Attachment size isn’t the issue it used to be, but security and file integrity still are. June 9, 2001

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