Outlook Express 6

NEWWe noticed our review of PocoMail 2.63 was dated October 28, 2002. We go through e-mail apps like Imelda Marcos went through shoes. Holey cow, we’re using OE 6 now. How long did Pocomail Last, and why did we switch?

We stuck with PocoMail for a little over a year. In our book, it remains a solid, stable app with few quirks or glitches serious enough to be bothersome. For us, that’s saying a lot.

What really provoked the switch might well be more of a training issue than any problem with the software or its design. Synchronizing mail files with the laptop turned out to be a bodaciously hellacious job. “For us, that’s saying a lot”.

After a file synch that looked perfectly good to us in Windows Explorer, we would take the laptop off on vacation, and PocoMail would somehow re-index everything so that we ended up with two copies of every mail item in the in-box, dating back to the previous vacation. We never figured out what we were missing. I like Outlook Express 6 a lot better, though, and it seems cleaner and more reliable than the bloated corporate Outlook bundled with MS Office.
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Apricorn Notebook HD

Apricorn Notebook HD Upgrade Kit 5-Star review  

 This is our 2003 five-star review of the Apricorn system. We still rely on Apricorn in 2008.

Apricorn Notebook HD upgrade kitApricorn“. You keep wanting to say “apricot”. People keep asking “what the heck is it?”Apricorn is one of a few of, I suspect, a host of companies to figure out and exploit the natural synergy of USB and small format storage media.
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Jump Drive by Lexar

Summitlake.com reviews the Lexar JumpDrive: “JumpDrive 2.0 Pro, Portable USB Storage – Lexar Media’s new hi-speed JumpDrive 2.0 Pro is one of the fastest ways to transfer large data files via the USB port on your computer. Compatible with the USB 2.0 specification, it supports read speeds up to 6MB/sec and write speeds up to 4.5MB/sec.”

We put our Iomega ZIP selections back on the store shelf and bought a couple of these instead. They really are the greatest thing since sliced bread! February 23, 2003.

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PocoMail 2.63

Review :PocoMail 2.63

Powerful, simple, uncluttered email client offers most of the features of more complex programs and several indispensable tools that neither Outlook nor Eudora offer. We reviewed this a couple of weeks after porting our venerable Outlook installation to PocoMail in a single evening. We’ve replaced Outlook with this reliable, pleasurable email application. October 28, 2002

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Almost Pretty Good

Feature Article: Almost Pretty Good: The Emerging Software Standard

Your car overheats, breaks down, and sends a wheel crashing through Mrs. McCarthy’s plate glass window. When you call for help, a pleasant voice tells you to shut down, restart, and call back if the problem doesn’t go away.

Summitlake.com takes a look at the software industry, now in business for a fifth of a century. It’s not a pretty sight. This major article gives you the inside scoop on software design, QA and marketing. We discuss it both on a technical level (but not too technical), and on a practical business level. The industry has matured without growing up. Despite industry claims that “things are different out here, Pilgrim”, the only part of the west that hasn’t been tamed is right here in Silicon Valley. You can order it any way you want, but this ain’t Wendy’s.

This eight-part article is organized, tabbed and indexed so that you can browse and skip through it as you see fit. This article should give you a better understanding of the software industry, and help your software shopping and purchasing decisons.

August 18, 2001

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Datadesk Mac-101E Keyboard

Feature Review: Datadesk Mac-101E Keyboard

Summitlake.com reviews the coolest standard computer keyboard. The written word is a big part of our life at Summitlake.com. It should come as no surprise that many of our reviews focus on the best writing tools. Our review below praises the AlphaSmart, a self-contained keyboard and text processor. The Datadesk is a standard computer keyboard, but it’s the best standard keyboard we ever used in our life. Both products are outstanding in their respective categories, and serve very different functions. Read how we re-discovered Datadesk, and why we’ll never be without one again. June 2, 2001

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Trans Mac for Win 2000

Mini-Review (attached document): Trans Mac for Win 2000 — Tucows shareware doesn’t live up to five-star rating . Cross-platform file transfer is a critical part of life for people operating between Mac and PC. Anyone ever using the old “MacDrive” or “Mac Here&Now” knows the concept is simple: mount a Mac-formatted volume in your A drive or removable media. See the Mac files in Windows Explorer. Drag and Drop files to the PC hard drive as needed. Here’s a product that bypasses intuitive simplicity in favor of its own little GUI environment.
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AlphaSmart 3000

Feature Review: AlphaSmart 3000 5-Star review

image - My AlphaSmartHere I sit on the back patio in Phoenix. The sun is low in the sky. It’s beginning to cool off. A slight breeze sends the gentlest of riffles across the pool as I watch. A mother bird scrambles to feed the babies nesting in a hole in one of the Saguaro cacti. Our intrepid little C.Bear is staring intently at “Mr. Cactipus” to show he’s not afraid of him any more.

The neighbor’s rooster has taken it upon itself to begin crowing at 4PM, but we don’t mind. This is vacation. This is a perfect evening to be outside. This is a perfect time to reflect on all of life’s little inconsequentials, and on fun things too.

At any time, should I want to note any of this down, my AlphaSmart is just a few steps away. I can sit in the shade, sip my iced coffee, hear Mrs. Bird wrangling with the noisy little ones, and jot a note on my AlphaSmart as the mood strikes me.
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Complete National Geographic

110 Years – The Complete National Geographic.

Complete National Geographic: currently available as a set of 32 CD's, formerly available as a set of four DVD's.This article was first written for the newsletter of PAUG, the Peninsula Apple Users Group. It appeared in the May 2001 issue.

Complete National Geographic: currently available as a set of 32 CD’s, formerly available as a set of four DVD’s.This collection is currently available from National Geographic, for Windows or Mac, for $99.95. You’ll find all the back issues, with original articles and photos, going back to the first issue in 1888. They’re faithfully preserved on a set of 32 CD-ROM’s. If you spent $99 on an heirloom collection, would these durable CD’s bring you and the family a lifetime of pleasure and education? Close, but no cigar. I had to re-think my expectations of this durable plastic medium.
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