I’m training a new Spam manager program to block unwanted mail and content patterns, while “Trusting” mail from friends. For a while, this requires me to spend a little more time looking at my junk mail than normal. I’m proud to report: the quality hasn’t improved.

There are the obligatory messages inviting the reader to lengthen the male member — “Be the stallion you always wanted to be”, or to buy Cialis — “nitrates are also found in amyl nitrate or poppers“, the ad hints.
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WordPress Notes

I posted an article in my Notes earlier this morning called “Schrödinger’s Cat and Less Famous Felines“. This is not so much a shameless plug for my article as an observation that we do not really have a WordPress home for articles of a scientific orientation. Articles on cosmology end up, naturally enough, in Astronomy, while articles on computers and Silicon Valley type technologies go here. Most of everything else touching on scientific progress goes into My Notes.
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