War on Iraq? Timing is everything!

When JFK faced down Khruschev over the Cuban Crisis, he had the deck stacked in his favor. We had U2 photos of the missile freighters in Havana Harbor. We had photos of the missiles and launchers. We had world attention and we had a sense of urgency. When Kennedy presented his findings on TV to the nation and the world, Khruschev was caught red-handed. clear and present danger was clearcut and unequivocal. I remember well when he faced down Khrushchev and the missiles were (eventually) withdrawn. I was in the Armed Forces at the time. Within days, my unit was setting up Hawk missile batteries all up and down the Florida Keys.

President Bush has his hands full trying to restore normalcy to Afghanistan, hunting down Al Qaeda, and protecting the life of President Hamid Karzai in Kabul. Saddam is no Khruschev. His tinpot regime in Baghdad bodes no good to any nation, especially to his closest Arab League neighbors. But Iraq is no USSR.
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Enough Already: John Walker

telling it like it is: Jacoby Armchairs John Walker

Following is commentary on a Boston Globe column by Jeff Jacoby of the Boston Globe. It was published December 13, 2001. Normally, we will only provide a link or quote excerpts from syndicated material. For archives, the Boston Globe wants $2.50 per article and you must open up an account to get the article. This effectively seals Globe commentary from public commentary after an arbitrary grace period, so the full text of the forwarded article is reproduced below my “Letter to a friend”.

Letter to a friend:

Interesting article. I will admit that none of the evidence I’ve seen so far leaves me any sympathy at all for either Walker or his parents. Between you and me, yes, you could probably see it coming (if you were there, which Jacoby was not), and thanks for sending it.

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