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You know how it goes. You’re looking for a 16mm socket wrench in the workshop, and you end up cleaning and reorganizing the whole basement.

Commentary is one of Summitlake’s oldest departments, with articles posted every year from 1998 to present. This spans not only html code “ports” through at least three or four web design applications, but several theme changes over the decade. The older departments (in particular) have suffered loss of that prized page-to-page “consistency” so valued by web developers and so welcomed by eye-weary readers and surfers.

Moreover, if you know a little about coding HTML, you’ll know that porting a page through several successive design applications can result in code that ain’t a pretty sight.

I found some old pages that badly wanted reformatting. The code was ugly and hard to work with; the visual layout was poor and in some cases broken. Hence my remark about the 16mm socket, and the decision to clean up the whole basement.

Similar to what has already been done for “Astronomy” and “Miscellany”, all the HTML articles are gradually being moved into WordPress (like this article you’re reading now). In most cases, this involves stripping the original text into raw “plain text”, in NotePad, and reformatting each page manually. So it does take a while.

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WordPress 1.5 Upgrade

Speaking of upgrades, there’s a new version of WordPress out. What is WordPress? If you read the papers, web or other media, think “blog”. Websites are using weblog engines for many other purposes than weblogs. This page is composed in WordPress online, and its parts are stored in a mySQL database.

The installation outage took less than half an hour tonight, ending at about 9PM PST. Our apologies if you encountered the outage during this time span.

WordPress 1.5 has been written with stronger firewalls and comment handling against spam. We are cautiously turning on Comments again. The first time you submit a comment, it will be queued for moderation. If approved, you are approved for subsequent comments. Please expect a delay of up to 24 hours before you can see your first posted comment.

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SQL Upgrade Outage

SQL Upgrade Outage — we had a 3 hour outage tonight as I fat-fingered my way through an SQL software upgrade. The upgrade supports WordPress, which became unavailable. Pages affected were Commentary (index), Computers (index), PHOTO Notes, and My Notes. My apologies for any inconvenience. This marks the end of the site upgrades (whew!) — Alex

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