Philip K. Dick and The Victory Over Nothing

We had a 5 day mail outage here at the apartment complex, a delay that is impossible to explain in the confines of a short, civilized blog entry. I am trying to catch up on my New Yorkers. In the August 20 issue, I found a book review about four novels by the late Sci-Fi eccentric Philip K. Dick, who is evidently making a comeback.

The book review is by the incredibly accomplished and insightful writer Adam Gopnik, who needs no introduction to New Yorker readers but is sadly not adequately known outside the world of the literati.
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Made In The USA Ramble

confessions of a chameleon consumer

Elite Industries engineers quality into competitively priced kit furniture.

Once in a while, a product comes along that solidly debunks the notion that we Americans have completely forgotten how to make things. By “things” we mean hard goods: the designing, engineering, manufacturing, packaging and marketing of goods, starting all the way back with raw materials extracted or harvested from the earth, which in turn have weight, heft and inherent permanent physical properties.
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