My Sunday Andy Rooney Moment

Sales types even have a name for it: “create a sense of urgency.” Don’t walk the prospect; close the sale. This means that when the prospective customer hears or sees your pitch, they need to made to realize that time is limited … this is the deal of the century; they NEED this offering, and they must act promptly!

The sales, advertising and marketing people are clever at this. You might think some people, paying big bucks to go to sales seminars to learn these rhetoric tricks, would have a sense of moral scruple about trying to convince you their product or service is the only game in town.
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The Night The Martians Came

media self-discipline

“Oh my God, the whole tower just collapsed!”

Over the past two years we have spent an unusual amount of time listening to one of the local “all news, all the time” radio stations. We will catch news updates on current event, but, principally, we strain for traffic information affecting our own one-hour commute across the San Mateo Bridge.

Mainly, we try to be watchful for road debris, or a forest of red tail-lights representing a panic-stop situation ahead of us, or the errant signs of road-rage in any one of many stressed-out drivers obviously around us at all times.
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