Sound off: Digital Piracy

What’s happened to our old world of recorded music, floppy backups, and grainy VHS tapes? 

Historical perspective helps. It wasn’t so long ago that a “piracy” debate centered around whether we had the right to tape our record collection for personal use. Even after the “fair use doctrine” was promulgated, the record companies insisted on labeling their products with the warning: “reproduction without permission strictly prohibited.”
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Clock Radios For Troubled Times

“I’m so mad that I would write the Mayor a letter, if I could only write, if he could only read.” – Al Capp

We have one of those new clock radios that does almost everything.

It’s light, portable enough for travel, and it plays AM, FM and CD. For those who can figure out how to program it, it also offers built-in sound tracks for waterfalls, rain showers and a variety of natural sounds to sooth. The sound quality is good, and it’s reliable. It has a battery backup, which saves an hour of figuring out how to reset everything if the power goes out.

The function buttons are small and hard to read. Some of the programming function key sequences are diabolical. I keep the instructions in the nightstand drawer, folded upon to the page on “how to set the time”.
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Forces of Weed Wacker Evil

the rant is mightier than the sword …

I think weed-wackers are the most un-natural power tools ever invented. Everyone I have ever known, myself included, gets stiff as a board after an extended session with one of those damned things.

True, they exercise a whole new set of muscles, an effect we’re definitely familiar with. The product design is the really negligent part. A weed-wacker is a tool with a heavy weight extended criminally far out from the tool’s natural balance point.
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Made In The USA Ramble

confessions of a chameleon consumer

Elite Industries engineers quality into competitively priced kit furniture.

Once in a while, a product comes along that solidly debunks the notion that we Americans have completely forgotten how to make things. By “things” we mean hard goods: the designing, engineering, manufacturing, packaging and marketing of goods, starting all the way back with raw materials extracted or harvested from the earth, which in turn have weight, heft and inherent permanent physical properties.
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