Science vs. Religion: Debate Derailed?

An ages-old theme resurfaced in the current Scientific American, namely, the “problem” of whether there should even be a dialog between people of science and people of faith. Put that way, right there you can see the lines being drawn in the sand: if you are on the other side of that line, experience has taught me that you are the enemy, and we cannot even talk, and the real “problem” is one of “containment”: how do we draw a circle in the sand and confine you to it?

In the July feature article “Should Science Speak to Faith?” , Scientific American contributors Richard Dawkins and Lawrence Krauss debate “about the best ways to oppose religiously motivated threats to scientific practice or instruction.” Both are scientists, both work in their spare time to keep Creationism out of the classroom, and they don’t always necessarily agree on methodology.
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Scopes Monkey Trial, Dover PA

December 19, 2004: A group of Pennsylvania parents has filed a federal lawsuit challenging the Dover Area School District’s decision to include “intelligent design” (higher power; creationism) in ninth grade science classes. One parent said, “This is a small group of people trying to push a particular religion on everybody.”

“It doesn’t belong in science class, just the same as evolution doesn’t belong in comparative religion class.”

Consider a fictional reverse case:
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