Boxer’s Comments to Rice

I caught it on a TV debate forum last night while channel surfing. Picture shrill defensive Democrats attempting to out-shout hostile, outraged, blustering razorback Republicans. The discussion was out of control. If I owned the studio I would turn off the cameras and send everyone home in disgrace.

It seems Barbara Boxer told Condoleeza Rice that Rice couldn’t understand the impact Bush’s Iraq war “troop surge” would have on American families, because Rice is single and childless.
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Shock & Awe: Invasion and Protests

No matter what else you thought about it, ground forces are now less than a day from Baghdad. Some question whether Hussein survived the bunker-busters. The Iraqi military gives the appearance of being in disarray. Surrendering Iraqi units surpass American preparations to receive and process Iraqis who just want to go back to civilian life.

For the record, we would have preferred staying with the diplomatic process, or even a more proactive combination of psy-war (propaganda), political activism, and brazen capitalist enticements. For our money, one sniper should have taken Saddam out a decade ago, or perhaps American billions should have finished the job in Desert Sand when a majority of our allies still backed us.
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